Mathematics that makes itself

Can something be true, just because you say it? One example might be a promise. If you promise somebody that you’ll feed their cats…well, all of the sudden there is a promise there. The act of promising creates a promise. All of the sudden, there it is. It makes itself. Anyway, maybe mathematics can sometimes pull off […]

Two classroom things

#1 Ask anybody: I’m not some sort of god teacher in the classroom. But the other day a teacher complimented me on my classroom management, in particular my ability to hold attention without using my voice. And I was like, yeah! That’s something I do very much on purpose. I forget if I came up with […]

It all is weird to me

My experience of being a Jew is experiencing a lot of things and not having the slightest clue how to make sense of them in the context of history and contemporary life. Like that one time I went to Oklahoma. I was walking a few miles on Shabbat and wearing my yarmulke. A car pulls […]

Did Common Core work?

Chalkbeat’s Matt Barnum does such a wonderful job reporting on edu research. Here he is, taking on a fascinating study that attempted to understand what effect the US’s Common Core standards had. Surprising results!: How do you a study a policy as far-reaching as the Common Core, particularly one that was introduced alongside a host […]