A weird idea: would you like to go off twitter and turn on blogs with me for a few months?

I miss blogs, and while I’m peace with being very much on Twitter given the state of things, I know that I prefer the quieter, slower version of the internet where I have more control over what I see.

Here’s an idea that I’ve wanted to try for some time: do you want to spend several months blogging with me? The only rule is that you’d have to sign off social media entirely.

Here is what I think it would take for this to really work:

  • auto-posting to your social media feed would be OK
  • comments would have to be open to anyone in the group
  • we would need a group of bloggers with similar(ish) interests
  • we would need a group of at least 10, ideally closer to 20
  • agreeing on the length of the experiment
  • you’re allowed (but not required) to have an anonymous blog

I doubt very much if there are many of us out there who would be eager to turn off Twitter and replace it with blogs. And I very much don’t have the energy to be an agitator for this at the moment, but I think about it frequently.

16 thoughts on “A weird idea: would you like to go off twitter and turn on blogs with me for a few months?

    • Yes, as frustrating a medium as twitter can be, I think I would have trouble opting out entirely. Ugh. But I’m all for more blogging! This includes — and actually prioritizes — the informal, rough draft blogging that you’ve been doing lately, Michael. I think I need to do more of that.

  1. I am in! I have been looking for a compelling reason to take a Twitter break, and I think I’d be more likely to write some longer form stuff if I thought there were a few readers.

  2. I am possibly interested in this. Looking for ways to have more deep, purposeful reflection as opposed to quick thoughts and ideas that I don’t pursue deep enough – I often need more time to gather my thoughts into words than Twitter allows.

  3. I might be interested. Been lurking on Twitter anyway.
    1. It would depend on the focus. Pedagogy, general classroom experience, I’d be in for. Other stuff, don’t know that I’d have much to share (though I’d be interested to read).
    2. Since I’ve gravitated toward using more published curriculum–AoPS, Transition to Algebra–I have to be a lot more careful about copyright/sharing student work. Still not entirely sure how I’d work that out.

  4. I’m interested! I want to blog more but it seems to be the thing on my list that I never get to… I’m not on Twitter that much so that part wouldn’t be hard for me!

  5. I’m interested, but I’m also obligated to help manage the work social media accounts, including twitter. Could I keep that one on and turn off my personal? I accept that this may disqualify me.

  6. I’m in! 😀
    Missed this post when it came out as I was taking a Twitter break, but I really, really miss the deep cut blogs and community that used to form around them.

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