For terrific math puzzles check out Erich Friedman’s website

In the last few days of camp this summer, a big folder of puzzles got posted in the hall. In the folder was a collection of Erich Friedman’s Hamiltonian Mazes puzzles.

Screenshot 2019-08-18 at 8.09.22 AM.png

These puzzles are terrific (hard!) and it’s just one of many many different types of puzzles and problems on Erich’s site.

The whole site is a terrific snapshot of the old internet, with its generosity and quirk. I love the little personal nuggets Erich includes on his homepage (I’m nostalgic for homepages!):

I am a Libertarian and an Atheist. I consider myself a Feminist, and I’m a member of the ACLU. I have memorized the first 50 digits of Pi. I am an INTJ and I Juggle. I build card houses, and I’m interested in my Family Tree.

For the record: I am a Capitalist and a Religious Jew. I consider myself a Feminist, and I’m a patron of NYPL. I recently memorized the Largest Known Prime Number. I sometimes get Moody and Sad but I don’t Juggle. I’m interested in my Family.

I own the largest Puzzle Collection in Florida.

Really, lots of wonderful stuff on his site. In the past I’ve been more interested in theory-laden areas of math than puzzles and problems (I like my math how I like my philosophy) but I always have fun when I do find time for these sorts of things.

Like these square tilings. They’re gorgeous!


Anyway, a wonderful website. Enjoy!

One thought on “For terrific math puzzles check out Erich Friedman’s website

  1. Cool I can use those. Incidentally, the web site does seem very retro in style. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, a page would be easy to miss. Someday I’m going to have to think about what I want to do about my own blog that way

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