“If you can’t stand the heat just switch to private.”

Update: I apologize for the tone of this piece.

Here’s my quick take on this:

  • This is an excuse for literally any behavior.
  • Practically, though, I don’t disagree. No one is forcing me to engage on Twitter.
  • Part of “it’s the internet I can do what I want!” is that I can kvetch about people being jerks and you can ignore me.
  • I can also use my public platform to say: “If you think that being a jerk to people you disagree with online is, like, part of your personal project or is somehow improving the world in any way, you’re delusional. All that being a jerk does is spread ill-feeling around.”
  • A lot of people are very, very committed to their right to be assholes. Of course you have that right. You accomplish nothing by exercising it. [EDITED: I had a joke here that was stupid. I removed it because it was stupid.]
  • And stop complaining about being “policed,” sheesh.