Axiomatization of “Story”

Axiom 1: At least one story exists. Axiom 2: There exists an “empty story,” i.e. a story where nothing happens. Axiom 3: Two stories are the same if and only if they contain the same events in the same order. Axiom 4: If is a story and is a story, “ then ” is also […]

Geometry and theology

Boiled the elements down into the axioms Mistook a fax for remedial tediums It seems Ezekiel speaks to some My mind was hazy and numb And left hand gripped a clump of palladium Saw the beast with the wings and the talons The simple answer but it felt out of balance Bad news like a […]

Modernism in Mathematics

Jeremy Gray makes the case (in here) that modernism applies to mathematics. His modernism consists largely of a move away from representations and towards formal approaches. So on Lebesgue’s theory of the integral in 1903: “The axioms specify what the integral is intended to do. They do not start from an idea that the integral […]

YouCubed, Reviewed

This exponents activity is neither original nor at all an interesting version of the idea. It’s no better than what most teachers would make on their own, if they wanted to teach exponent rules inductively. Better versions of this are readily available in practically any textbook, but Illustrative Math has a totally free and online […]

Stop Making Sense

Van Morrison in Rolling Stone, 1978: But a lot of your most danceable songs have very profound lyrics. I don’t know, this thing about lyrics – I’m just catching on to this. If you get some of the facts together . . . I mean, I sell records in places where they don’t speak English. […]

Continuous induction is a thing!

Great question: A #precalc student is wondering about continuous induction – is this a thing? If so, how does it work? How do we define a 'next' step for a continuous set of numbers? How do you prove things about this 'next,' if so? Can proof by induction get done in this way? #MTBoS #iTeachmath […]


My interest in any particular piece of mathematical content varies. There are some things that I think are just absolutely fascinating, others…nah. So I think if I was, at bottom, motivated by a love of mathematics then my teaching would ultimately suffer for it. Working with children, the future looms: I want these kids to […]

Is this math?

Look at those lines, that perspective, the symmetry…there is a clear sense of geometry in this picture, and if geometry is math (it is) then there’s a case to be made that this picture is mathematical. Hence the artist is a mathematician. So the picture is math. Except that’s not quite right, is it? It’s not fair […]