Little Shoes, Never Worn

For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Machine washable, slight stain, probably pee. Baby fine; shoes not. In addition baby has huge feet. Truly big, flippers really. Small head, small hands, small nose, giant feet. Never worn baby shoes for sale, or just take them.

My Answers to “Six Questions Math Educators Need to Answer Honestly”

[Questions can be found here.] 1. What is mathematics? Don’t know. Pass. 2. Where should we learn mathematics? Don’t know what “should” means here. Pass. 3. Should mathematics be a compulsory subject? Question: What would the immediate effect of changing of making math non-compulsory tomorrow would be? Answer: Worse teaching. We’ve had decades (centuries?) to […]

In Love with Being Lost

Sunil Singh writes: What is mathematics? If I would have answered this question before I began my teaching career, I would have been provided some cliched, stock answer revolving around its importance to many disciplines like science, engineering, economics, etc. — basically it being some practical workhorse. Now? Well, since I wrote a book about it, it is […]

Generalizing Circles and Ellipses

[Reading and thinking about: n-Ellipses and the Minimum Distance Sum Problem, a paper that I was able to stick pretty well with until about the last third.] 1. Generalizing Circle Definitions There often comes a point in my geometry classes where I ask students to come up with a definition that describes a circle. It’s […]